Top Makeup Products When You Have Adult Acne

Top Makeup Products When You Have Adult AcneThanks to the advances in the field of dermatology, you no longer need to suffer from adult acne. If you do, you can try products like Accutane® or Proactiv® as these are proven to fight acne and also reduce acne marks once and for all. Naturally, instead of simply believing in online reviews and advertisements, it is best to seek the help of a dermatologist who can prescribe the right products to help tackle adult acne. There are many different reasons why acne occurs and knowing these can help you decide on the right line of treatment that brings results quickly.

Makeup products for acne prone skin

Adults having acne can get increasingly frustrated with their skin especially since most believe that the problem is only common in the teenage years. However, adult acne is increasingly prevalent and no matter how good your skincare routine and diet is, it is likely that breakouts are occurring due to stress and hormonal factors.

If you are fighting adult acne, you can use certain makeup products for acne which can cover blemishes and acne marks. These can help you regain your confidence without having to worry whether the products are worsening the condition.

So let us review a few makeup products for acne prone skin that will not aggravate the problem yet hide the blemishes beautifully.

Let us start with foundation.

Best Foundations for acne prone skin

Foundation is the base makeup product that can smooth out blemishes and hide acne marks. (You can also apply a primer prior to applying foundation as a primer preps up the skin to make it ready for makeup).

Today, you can buy foundations and primers in the form of cream, compact powders, sticks or foams.  A thumb rule to use when buying makeup products for acne prone skin is: the thinner or more water-based the product, the better it is at not blocking your pores.

Adults and teenagers with acne must especially stay away from stick and cream foundations since these heavy and thick and tend to be laden with oils. (On the plus side, they do give superior coverage and hence are naturally tempting for adult acne sufferers). However; one must stay away from them as they are likely to worsen acne.

The best foundation for acne is mineral foundation. It is non acnegenic and non-comedogenic so it does not clog up your pores that may already be burdened with oils and bacteria. Naturally, not all mineral foundations are the same so ensure buying these from a good brand and also check the ingredient list on the label for truly non-comedogenic products.

Apart from minerals, you can also opt for liquid or water based foundations. Check the ingredient listing and do ensure that all products are indeed comedogenic and have been dermatologically tested as so.

Ingredients to stay away from when selecting makeup products for acne prone skin

If the makeup products for acne prone skin claim to be sulfate free, paraben free etc then it is a good sign. Additionally, do stay away from the list of the ingredients given below:

  • Red dyes or D&C colors
  • Coal Tar derivatives
  • Comedogenic emollients
  • Lauric acid
  • Isopropyl isostearate
  • Isopropyl Myristate
  • Lanolin oil
  • Lauric acid.
  • Coconut oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Linseed and palm oils

These are usually pore clogging and can irritate existing acne while causing new flare-ups.

List of Best makeup products for acne prone skin

  • Best Foundation for acne prone skin– Jane Iredale ®PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation. It has UVA and UVB protection and covers redness and blemishes perfectly.
  • Best Primer for acne prone skin– Bare Minerals® Original Prime time foundation primer. This gives flawless coverage especially in case you have been using acne products that have made your skin dry and flaky. It is a silky formula that covers blemishes and also has vitamins C and E to soothe angry skin.
  • Best Bronzer for acne prone skin– Smashbox Fusion® Soft Lights- This has multiple shades in one box, so you can pick and choose one that best suits your attire as well as your complexion. It gives you a much needed glow and you can wear it all-year round.
  • Best Concealer for acne prone skin– We recommend the Physician’s Formula® mineral talc-free concealer. It gives flawless coverage and soothes angry blemishes, fine lines etc. It is oil free and hypoallergenic. It is packed with minerals from amethyst, sapphire etc and works without being overbearing on the skin.
  • Best Blush for acne prone skin– There are two winners in this category: Mac’s Sheertone Blush® and Bobbi Brown® powder formulas. Both provide great coverage, silky smooth finish and are available in a variety of shades to suit different skin tones.
  • Best Finishing powder for acne prone skin– Bare Escentuals® Mineral Veil powder can be applied to set the concealer, foundation and blush.

These are our recommendations for best makeup products for acne. It is important to educate yourself as far as noncomdeogenic or oil free products are concerned so that you can choose the right makeup products for acne and see complexion improvement.