Steps In Korean Skincare Routine For Adult Acne

korean skincare routine for adult acneThe Korean skin care routine is making waves around the world, in that; more and more women around the world are following it for various skin issues as well as for maintaining healthy and younger looking skin. The philosophy behind Korean skin care routine is simple-it does not measure beauty on the basis of acne marks or wrinkles. Rather, it is based on making efforts of treating your skin as a complete environment so that it can glow from inside out.

Let us study the steps in the Korean skin care routine for adult acne-because believe us – this routine works!

General steps in Korean skin care routine

Step 1: Double cleansing

The first step in Korean skin care routine for adult acne is double cleansing. Never go to sleep with your makeup on and makeup usually does not come off in one wash-especially the latest water proof varieties. So go for cleansing oil –which is washable oil emulsified with water and can help remove makeup very quickly.

Step 2: Facial massage and masque

Facial massage helps stimulate blood circulation to ensure that your skin glows from inside out. If your acne is not oozing or painful, you can even go for a mild scrub. This will exfoliate the skin to help remove debris and bacteria causing the acne. Regular/daily face massage is an important part of Korean skincare routine for adult acne as it helps increase temperature of the skin, improve flow of oxygen, as well as the elasticity of the skin.

Note of caution: Avoid massage if you have active, oozing and painful zits as massaging can aggravate the oil glands and increase oil production.

You can now apply a Masque which comes in two types: Pore clarifying mask and moisture replenishing mask for dry skin. Use facial Masques two times a week on the days you do not massage the skin.

Step 3: Toning

Many women erroneously believe that toning is useless. However, Korean women (who are deemed as having the most beautiful skin) swear by this step. Toners are even more effective in removing debris and clearing pores. Choose a toner that is suitable for your skin type. Witch Hazel based toners are ideal for oily and acne prone skin as it contains natural salicylic acid that can combat acne and blackheads.

Step 4:  Use a Serum

Serums are very important to prevent acne as well as wrinkles. Korean serums are lighter than face creams and they penetrate deeper into the dermis and stimulate elastin and collagen formation. You can also follow the serum with your favorite moisturizer- but make sure you wait for at least 5 minutes before doing so.

Step 5 : Use a Moisturize

As stated above, use a moisturizer that is non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic and which is suitable for your skin type.

Morning protection-Korean skincare routine for Acne prone skin

Step 1: Cleanse once

If you have used a night time repair mask just wash off your face once. You can use a mild Korean acne specific cleanser. Take the opportunity to massage your face while washing it. Take special care to massage the ears and earlobes- this technique stimulates different nerve endings in the body and go a long way in giving you a healthy and natural glow. So go on and pull your earlobes sideways, upside and downside.

Step 2: Tone and moisturize within 3 seconds

When you wash your face, the pores open up. So you literally have a 3 second window after cleansing before they close up again. So use a toner immediately after washing and patting your face dry. Korean women believe that if you do not use a toner-moisturizer within this 3 second gap, the aging process sets in. Korean toners help seal in moisture and act as skin softeners. While in the US, women use cotton pads to apply toners, Korean women believe that the hands are the best tools for the purpose.

Some Korean beauticians also use pre-treatment toner serum and follow this up with a regular toner. This is because; many Korean skin care routine experts feel that skin should be first treated with water based products (having smaller molecules) followed by oil based products (having larger molecules). This pre treatment eases the penetration of the moisturizer to enhance and heal skin’s natural collagen.

Step 3: Use a serum

After toning, apply a serum wait for 5 minutes. Serums target problem areas like dark spots, acne blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. By adding a daily serum, you can precisely and powerfully treat underlying damage.

Step 4: Emulsions and creams

In the west, women usually follow up toning with an emulsion or cream based moisturizer. In Korean skin care routine, they use both. Creams cost much more than emulsions as they are better emollients that enable the skin to lock in moisture. Follow these 2 tips in this step:

  • Tip 1: warm your hands first by rubbing them together. Then apply the cream of your choice. This will help deliver the nutrients better.
  • Tip 2: Pat your face with finger tips continuously when following all the above steps of cleansing, toning and moisturizing (gently like you are playing the piano).

Step 5: Use specific treatment to address concerns

You can now apply acne spot treatment, wrinkle fillers or any other specific concerns you wish to address.

Step 6: Sun protection

In Korean skin care routine, women are obsessed about protecting their skin from the sun. They either choose a UV protection cream or makeup products that offer UV protection. You too can use anything from sun creams, sun pacts or sun powders that suit your specific skin type.

Step 7: BB cream

Now you can use a basic beauty benefit cream or foundation and loose powder. Again choose non-comedogenic foundations. Mineral makeup is the best. Make sure you apply makeup using clean brushes that are sterilized from time to time.

Night time Korean skin care routine

  • Step 1: Double cleanse-use cream or foam cleansers based on your skin type.
  • Step 2: Exfoliate. Use a scrub every 7 days. The skin sheds every 28 days and exfoliating from time to time helps remove these dead cells.
  • Step 3: Use a facial massage cream to stimulate Qi energy to flow through the body. Regular massaging prevents premature aging.
  • Step 4: Use masques twice a week. Pre condition your skin with a toner before applying the mask. Use clay based masks for oily skin, peel off masks for dull-lifeless skin and wash off mask for parched and dehydrated skin.

Follow these steps in the Korean skin care routine and see a vast improvement in your acne.

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