Step By Step Acne Diet Plan For Clearer Skin

If you are in your 30s, 40s or 50s and still suffer from horrible acne breakouts from time to time, then there are some important things you may be overlooking as far as your anti acne diet is concerned. Sure, you have started cutting out certain foods and are drinking copious amounts of water every day. But if these lifestyle changes are still not showing you results, then do read this article. It will teach you how to get that clear skin you’ve always dreamed about. In this guide, we will discuss the complete acne diet- foods to avoid, the acne diet cleanse and also specific tips for people suffering from hormonal acne.

Acne diet foods to avoid

Inorganic foods

The number one cause of acne in teenagers and adults alike is toxic overload. To minimize toxins in the body, it is best to eat organic, fresh produce. Also reduce your consumption of packaged goods containing dyes, sugar and preservatives.

Alcohol and sodas

In small amounts, alcohol is okay for the body. But excessive intake causes the body to be overwhelmed. Alcohol, in particular is excessively dehydrating. These beverages are also full of sugars which feed the acne aggravating the condition.

Dairy products

Dairy products, even the organic ones, contain cow hormones that stimulate the oil glands to produce excess sebum. Stay away from dairy when following the acne diet cure. Be especially wary of hidden sources of dairy including salad dressings etc. You can always get your calcium by consuming fresy green leafy vegetables, tofu, soymilk, collards and broccoli etc.


If you want the acne diet cure to work, then you must reduce your meat protein intake- including chicken, turkey, pork, beef, steak and even eggs. You can have these foods a little bit, i.e. only 1/6th of your total plate size. Too much meat acidifies the body altering the delicate pH balance. Meat is also filled with proteins which are very hard to break down. As a result, it remains undigested inside your system and keeps fermenting away, producing sugars and yeast in the process as byproducts. These byproducts trigger acne.

White processed foods

These include foods made with processed, bleached white flour including breads, cookies, pizza base, pasta, pretzels, doughnuts, cakes, crackers, bagels and muffins. Bleaching process uses many harmful chemicals including nitrogen , chlorine oxide and benzoyl peroxide which cause diabetes and free radicals in the body. Not only do these foods mess up with our hormones, they can also cause tumors and cancers.


Sugar and acne are best friends. Sugar causes inflammation at a cellular level causing rapid aging of the skin and body. Most of us end up consuming at least 200 grams of sugar on a daily basis. However, to reduce hormonal acne, your diet should limit sugar intake to only 15-20 grams daily.

Remember: there are many hidden sources of sugar- A can of Coca Cola contains 39 g of sugar, 1 Twinkie contains 19 grams of sugar and 2 Oreo Cookies contain 7 grams of sugar.

The acne diet cleanse- Step by step plan

Now, we will discuss the acne diet cleanse. The above information is a lot to take in already. You will need to clean out your pantry before you can start your anti acne diet meal plan. As already stated, you will need to stay away from above foods in steps. You need not overwhelm yourself by cutting everything. Start small-take baby steps. Here is how to go about the anti-acne cleanse:

  • Start the acne cleanse when you have holidays or time off from work or school.
  • Drink a liter of water upon waking up.
  • Take probiotic capsules- these supplement your intestines with colonies of friendly bacteria and keep away harmful, acne causing bacteria.
  • Eat as much food as you want in its raw form- fruits, vegetables, smoothies and juices are best.
  • You can eat Chia seed porridge or smoothie for breakfast. The gelatinous texture of Chia seeds sticks to toxins and bacteria in the body to flush it out.
  • Snack on fresh fruits, sugar-free dried fruits and nuts or seeds as a mid-morning snack.
  • Have a salad for lunch- sprouts, tomatoes and lettuce are some of the best ingredients. You can also use lean meat like chicken or turkey which is recommended in the acne diet meal plan. In case of vegetarians, one can add tofu, soya nuggets, chickpeas, beans, grilled cottage cheese etc.
  • Throughout the day, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. You can also drink green tea, herbal tea and fresh fruit juices. Stay away from packaged juice boxes which contain sugar.
  • Dinner can be a stew or soup made with vegetables and lean meat. You can eat gluten free bread made from sprouts. It is available here.

Some people follow this acne free diet plan for 30 days to obtain clearer skin. If this seems hard for you to do, you might want to start small. Do the above steps for 2 days but make sure you stay away from packaged items and sugar. The above diet plan for acne sufferers will definitely show results. In the beginning, you might experience following symptoms

  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness
  • Smelly breath
  • Fatigue

These are common symptoms of detox that should get better within 2-3 days. Continue drinking lots of water to help flush out all toxins. Follow this best diet plan for acne prone skin and start seeing a positive difference in the symptoms.

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