Prevent Summer Acne With These Important Tips

In summer months, we tend to show more of our skin than that in the rest of the year. Naturally, it is best to have a healthy, glowing and blemish free complexion. But, if you are like most women (and, if you are reading this, you most probably are) then you might be finding yourself breaking out more often in summers than in the rest of the months. So this guide is all about understanding summer acne and also ways of preventing it.

Why do summer acne breakouts occur?

Most women tend to suffer from summer acne flare-ups on their face, upper back, breasts and even the buttocks owing to the sun exposure at the beach etc. Many women tend to slather on tons of sunscreen which is often comedogenic and oily. This ends up clogging the skin pores which then become breeding grounds for the P.Acnes bacteria. Also, people with the tendency to sweat excessively tend to experience excessive summer acne. Direct sun exposure further aggravates the problem as the harsh UV rays of the sun irritate and inflame the skin further.

Let us determine ways to avoid pimples in summer.

How to avoid pimples in summer

Avoid acnegenic foods

Summer heat tends to make us crave cooling ice creams, sugary sodas and other beverages. While the link between excessive sugar consumption and acne has not been proven yet, it is best to avoid these foods. Refined carbs are especially the worst for summer acne and it is best to avoid chocolates, breads, cakes, fried foods, and pretty much everything made using sugar, white flours, and butter/oil etc. Certain seafoods are also known to cause acne flare-ups-so do avoid fatty fish,Sea weed or seaweed tablets. Many women have seen a relation between yeast or candida infections and summer breakouts. So, one must also avoid foods containing yeast to control these infections and keep their complexions healthy.

Eat foods that prevent constipation

Acne in adults is often a sign that the excretory system is not functioning as normal. So watch out for foods that cause constipation. Try and include fiber rich foods like fruits, vegetables etc in the diet. Summer is also a time to eat more water-rich foods like melons, cantaloupes, citrusy fruits etc. These provide bulk and roughage to ensure smoother passage of undigested matter. Try to also avoid oily food and cut down red meat intake. Instead choose boiled or steamed foods like brown rice to avoid pimples in summer. Ensure that you eat mindfully and chew your food slowly. Take your time to chew each morsel of food so that it breaks down completely and facilitates better digestion.

Stimulate the liver

Many alternative therapies for acne are very useful in combating summer acne breakouts. These include the use of herbal supplements and teas that stimulate the liver to produce juices which aid digestion. Marigold, dandelion, clover and horsetail teas are the best as they help reduce inflammation to curb acne breakouts.

Take supplements for heavy acne

For women suffering from heavy acne breakouts in summer, capsules of Evening Primrose oil can help. These must be taken 3 months before the advent of summer, and they also help with menstrual issues like cramps, breast tenderness etc.Do talk to your doctor about taking a daily vitamin/mineral tablet. The ones recommended usually for acne prone women include Vitamin E (daily 335mg), Vitamin C (500mg to 1g daily), Zinc (20-40mg daily) and selenium (100mcg daily). Women who notice acne around menstruation should also take Vitamin B6 and Amino acids.

Tweak your cleansing routine

You must be especially careful about your skin cleansing and moisturizing routine in summer to avoid pimples in this season. If you have a tendency to sweat, try to wash and cleanse your face with gentle, alcohol-free products at least twice a day. Talk to your doctor as to which product is best for your skin type. If you feel a pimple coming, dab it with cotton wool soaked in tea tree oil. This can help prevent the pimple from growing or developing pus. Be especially careful with the cosmetics you use. Always try to judge what is and isn’t working for you. Avoid layering your face with heavy foundations; instead opt for lighter mineral based makeup. If you have been exposed to sun during the day, apply some calming and soothing chamomile tea bags on the face at night to reduce redness and irritation. Also, twice a week, use a salicylic acid-based facemask to unclog the skin pores and reduce blackheads, whiteheads and pustules.

We hope these tips help you avoid summer acne to pave way for radiant skin.

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