Oil Pulling Therapy For Adult Acne

oil pulling acne therapyOil pulling is an ancient, harmless and holistic technique used for treating a variety of health ailments. Many people are now studying it to heal their adult acne, and some of these have indeed seen favorable results in form of clearer skin. Let us study the ancient oil pulling acne therapy in detail, and particularly if it really works in giving you clear blemish free skin.

What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling consists of taking a mouthful of vegetable oil (you could also use sesame oil, coconut oil etc) and swishing it around the mouth vigorously for at least 20 minutes, before spitting it all out (never swallow the oil as it contains all the bodily toxins). This method helps pull out all toxins from the blood and oral cavity to improve dental health. Many people now believe that, along with improved oral hygiene, oil pulling could also cure a variety of health issues including skin ailments like adult acne.

Studies and research on Oil pulling

Numerous studies have now been conducted on this ancient therapy. The one that supports the theory that Oil pulling is indeed an effective holistic method for treating several diseases, including cancer, was conducted by Dr. F. Karach, M.D. He presented a paper on Oil pulling at a Ukrainian conference and is based on his tests which he conducted on patients who underwent cold-pressed oil pulling treatment for several weeks. The test results concluded that: In several cases, patients could avoid harmful side effects of conventional medicines and also surgery and medication to completely rid themselves of several ailments.

The best part of oil pulling therapy for adult acne is that it is exceedingly simple: one only needs to select their favorite cold pressed oil (sunflower, vegetable, olive, coconut etc) and swish it around their mouths, first thing after waking up, for a period of 20 minutes before spitting it all out. One can easily select organic or inorganic oil varieties- whatever is available readily in the market. By regularly practicing oil pulling, the body gets stimulated to heal it organs, tissues etc. People have noted improved breath, whiter teeth, and healthier oral cavity. Some bloggers have also claimed that oil pulling helped close their dental cavities, tooth sensitivity etc. However, the American Dental Association warns patients against the use of this technique alone for cleaning their teeth.

How to pull oil to treat acne?

The basic method of oil pulling to heal adult acne is the same as the technique of oil pulling for improved oral health.

  1. Take a tablespoon of your favorite cold pressed oil in your mouth. It is best to do this therapy first thing in the morning after waking up, before breakfast.
  2. Swish the oil rigorously around the mouth. Suck and pull the oil through all the teeth and gaps in between.
  3. The oil will feel a bit viscous and dense- however, later it mixes with your saliva and becomes a lot lighter.
  4. Do not spit the oil out for at least 15 minutes. This might seem like a long time, but it is essential to do it for this period in order to see good results.
  5. After pulling oil for 15 minutes, spit it out. You can now use a tongue scraper on your tongue to clean it.
  6. Never swallow the pulled oil as it could lead the toxins to re-enter your body.

You can repeat oil pulling 2 or 3 times daily ensuring that it is always done on empty stomach.

Results: Oil pulling for acne

Many people have seen fantastic results in the form of clearer skin after pulling oil regularly for at least a month. It is naturally important to continue the method and not stop it since the acne could come back. People who have given up oil pulling also reported seeing breakouts around their chin and cheeks but upon restarting the oil pulling therapy, seeing clear skin again.

The key is to give the method some time: do not expect your skin to clear up overnight just by trying out this holistic therapy for a couple of days. What you must do is start small and take baby steps: for example, if you find the sensation of putting oil in your mouth disgusting, then start by using just one teaspoon of oil and pulling it for smaller duration (5 or 10 minutes) till you are comfortable going on for the stipulated period of 20 minutes. You can also divert your attention off the weird taste by using the time to check your emails, or watch TV etc.

Other precautions

Some cases of adult acne could be related to the diet, hormones, allergies, or other underlying health issues. Naturally, it is important to eat healthy, exercise and also drink tons of water to see good results. Certain cases of adult acne only respond to antibiotics, steroids or hormonal pills so one should talk to their dermatologist in order to determine if this treatment is right for them.

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