Hypnosis Acne Treatment: Can Hypnosis Really Clear Acne?

Just like Meditation, Qigong and other mind body techniques, hypnosis is increasingly being used to alleviate anxiety and depression. Perhaps, it is due to this reason that hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is being touted as an effective alternative therapy for healing acne and other skin disorders for good. Experts believe that the science behind hypnotherapy can help make the individual feel calm and relaxed thereby resulting in a positive impact on their hormones and immune system to fight inflammation and acne.

Hypnosis: What is it?

Most people tend to think of hypnosis as a stage show or the part of the circus; and that is precisely what it was when it first came on the scenes in the early 1700s. This was the time when so-called hypnosis experts pretended to put selected members of the audience to sleep or have them behave in a certain manner. Decades later, Franz Anton Mesmer studied the science extensively and attributed the ability to be hypnotized to the quasi- electromagnetic field that exists in all humans (which we are unaware of).Unlike popular belief, hypnosis is not just about putting the patient to sleep– in fact; the therapy won’t succeed at all unless the patient gives specific permission to the therapist to induce hypnosis in him/her.

Today, the science, and the art (because it depends not just on the scientific know-how of the expert but also on his/her inherent abilities and skills to induce hypnosis) has been known to cure people of depression, help them get over their smoking/drinking addictions, reduce excess weight, perform better in sports, have better self esteem to succeed in life, overcome emotional trauma etc. It is no wonder that hypnosis acne treatment is also gaining popularity owing to the emotional triggers associated with the skin condition.

Hypnosis acne treatment for acne excoriee

Acne excoriee is a condition where the person suffering from acne simply cannot stop picking at his/her acne pustules. This is especially seen in people suffering from severe anxiety disorders or neurotic excoriation which is also a result of hormonal imbalance etc. The case study of a pregnant woman picking her acne is rather famous especially due to the fact that the hypnosis acne treatment helped resolve it. Compared to antibiotic therapy, hypnosis acne treatment was especially favored in this case owing to its cost effectiveness as well as its non toxicity in pregnancy. This study shows that hypnosis acne treatment can certainly help prevent the habitual picking of acne which leads to scarring and permanent skin blemishes.

How does hypnotherapy for acne work?

It is believed that hypnosis acne treatment works in three ways:

  1. It treats the root cause of the condition

An experienced therapist can get to the bottom of the acne by looking deep into the sufferer’s mind for emotional triggers responsible for it. Most patients are unable to work through these emotional issues until a hypnotherapist helps them see these causes. In many cases, the death of a loved one, or past trauma in childhood could be causing stress unknowingly and this is where the therapist can help bring these things to the surface. Moreover, through power of suggestion, the therapist can also help the sufferer disassociate the sufferer from these issues.

  1. It can treat the psychological symptoms of acne

Patients with excess acne vulgaris often tend to suffer from other symptoms like loss of self confidence and self esteem, social withdrawal, depression etc. Through positive visualization and guided imagery, the hypnotherapist helps the patients live happier and carefree lives by taking their minds off the acne scars.

  1. It can treat one’s reaction to acne

As already stated before, many acne sufferers also tend to pick at their pimples and zits, causing the infection to worsen further. Through hypnotherapy, this skin popping can be reduced and the therapy can also considerably improve the mood of the patient. Through systematic reconditioning, the therapist helps the patients accept oneself and one’s inner beauty.

It can be extremely hard living with acne and acne scars. Fortunately, patients looking for a gentle, non invasive and permanent solution could keep faith in acne hypnosis treatment. As stated before, the therapist needs to work with the patient’s sub conscience to remove the misinformation that is causing the acne in the first place. Hypnotherapists naturally approach each case differently, without making any assumptions. By working with each individual’s subconscious, the therapist can resolve and correct the true cause eventually clearing and fading the acne for good.

In conclusion-A lot more research is needed to see if hypnotherapy can be used as a standalone, full-on alternative treatment for acne. The initial studies are promising enough though and the science might even provide gentle psychological treatment to potentially enhance and support other medical acne treatments being used by the patient.

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