How To Make DHT Hormonal Acne Go Away Naturally (Includes a Herbal Remedy)

natural DHT hormonal acne remedyDHT is often the sole culprit of hormonal adult acne in women. DHT or Dihydrotestosterone-alpha creates havoc in the body’s functioning leading to hair loss in men and women as well as adult acne. DHT occurs when certain enzymes in the skin and scalp come in contact with the androgen Testosterone sending incorrect signals to the brain. This, in turn, causes the hair to fall off prematurely and leads to an eruption of pimples on the chin and cheeks. Hair follicles also tend to shrink when they come in contact with excess DHT leading to male pattern baldness. Likewise the follicles in the skin become inflamed as they come in contact with DHT, P.acnes bacteria and sebum.

Thus, excess DHT needs to be controlled in order to reduce adult acne and hair fall. Here are some ways to make DHT related acne go away.

DHT hormone test

First of all, your dermatologist will ascertain whether excess DHT levels are indeed responsible for your acne.A simple blood test can help you show the amount of this hormone in your blood. You need not fast for this test and the results will be available within 2-4 days. DHT levels often rise due to excess production of testosterone.

Can you do anything to lower DHT?

DHT can be lowered by maintaining the delicate balance between all the hormones. While hormones are cyclical in nature and not really in our control; there are certainly some things we can do to keep them in balance.

Here are some natural steps to keep DHT levels in balance in our body:

  1. Drink plenty of green tea. Green tea is proven to keep hormones regulated and balanced. Many people are seeing very good effects such as clearer skin, improved metabolism and reduced hair fall with green tea capsules. Talk to your doctor about the best green tea supplements and whether they are right for you.
  2. Regular exercise- Hormones are often affected due to lack of activity and sedentary lifestyle. So go out there and workout: Walk, jog, swim or bike- choose an activity that you like and that keeps you motivated. Dancing, martial arts and other such fun physical activities can also get you to lose excess weight while keeping hormones balanced. Aim for at least 40 minutes of exercise 3- 5 times a week.
  3. Drink nettle tea- Nettle tea is a natural herbal DHT blocker. Many German studies have been conducted on nettle root which have shown its efficacy in lowering prostate swelling in men as well as reduction of DHT. Many products containing Nettle are available in stores today. You could also steep dried nettle roots and leaves to make a tea and drink it daily. Nettle capsules, essential oils and powders are all shown to block DHT when consumed regularly.
  4. Saw Palmetto- This is one of the best known natural DHT blockers. It is known to help men suffering from prostate issues by targeting androgenetic hormones and blocking excess DHT production. Saw palmetto herbal supplements are however known to cause mild gastric irritation-so do talk to your doctor before taking these for adult acne. Oils and shampoos containing Saw palmetto have been proven highly effective for blocking DHT related hair loss for thicker hair and hair re-growth.
  5. Eat plenty of pumpkin seeds- Pumpkin seed oil is used by many men and women fighting DHT related hair loss. The oil penetrates the scalp to lower DHT production. Likewise, pumpkin seeds eaten regularly can provide one with zinc for better hair and skin and also reverses excess DHT hormone production that lead to hormonal adult acne.
  6. Soya isoflavone supplements- These supplements have helped women fight many menopausal symptoms including DHT related hormonal acne. The soy extracts curb excess production of DHT and lower acne flare ups.

Recipe of DHT acne reducing herbal tea

Let us now discuss a natural recipe for DHT reducing herbal tea.

You will need:

  1. Dried nettle leaves
  2. Rosemary
  3. Burdock root
  4. Aloe powder
  5. Chamomile
  6. Lavender or peppermint
  7. Saw palmetto berries

Take all the herbs in their dried form and powder them using a mortar and pestle. You could even grind them in a regular grinder. Place a teaspoon of powder in cheesecloth. Tie the cloth using a string. The peppermint or lavender is simply used to give a nice aroma and taste to this ‘DHT acne reducing’ tea. But, you can also use other herbs/spices that you love including ginger, cinnamon, cloves etc.

Place the powder containing pouch in a cup and add boiling water from top. Let the mixture steep for a few minutes. Drink this tea at least 3-4 times a day for reducing DHT naturally to stop acne.

Foods to stop DHT hormonal acne

Some natural foods also curb DHT production by reducing inflammation that causes acne. Here is a list of DHT blocking foods to include in your diet:

  • Sea food like fatty fish (salmon), oysters, prawns, clams etc are all rich in Omega 3 and zinc and also prevent excess DHT production.
  • Soy- Soy can help reduce the enzymes that convert testosterone into DHT.
  • Egg yolk, liver and yeast- These are full of Biotin and other B-vitamins which are good for skin and hair. Some research is proving that Biotin can curb excess DHT production.

Apart from these foods, make sure that you do a complete detox every few days using juice fast as advised by your doctor. This will help cleanse your liver and improve overall metabolism. Also learn ways to cope with stress that often exacerbates DHT production and, subsequently, acne. We hope this guide helps you control DHT related hormonal acne and gives you clearer skin.

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