Forehead Adult Acne: How To Treat It?

Many adults get acne all over their faces; still others only suffer from acne only around the chin, or the cheeks etc. Then there are some women who only get acne on their foreheads. In this guide, we will study the main reasons behind forehead adult acne as well as ways of treating and preventing it.

What are the causes of forehead adult acne?

The question many women ask their dermatologist is “why do pimples and zits occur on my forehead”? The reason behind this confusion is understandable since, for most, adult acne is hormonal in nature and typically concentrated around the chin, cheeks etc. It is due to this very misconception that women who suffer from forehead acne also tend to ignore this area. They feel that forehead adult acne does not require any specialized treatment. Here are some of the common causes of forehead adult acne:

  1. Rosacea- Rosacea leads to a red rash that is also accompanied by bumps and blisters all over the face. This is the main reason why many women misdiagnose rosacea as acne. If you have uniform reddish pimples on your forehead, do see a dermatologist to ensure that it is not rosacea.
  2. Cosmetic acne- Acne on the forehead can also arise due to cosmetics, makeup and certain hair products. A popular hair gel called Pomade was used by many women for styling the hair differently. This was known to give rise to severe acne flare-ups and some women even experienced burning and itching on their scalp. Use of such cosmetics leads to clogged pores and the chemicals also tend to irritate delicate or sensitive skin.
  3. Popping zits- Mechanical abrasion in the form of using sharp combs, or wearing metallic hair bands, helmets, unwashed hats or caps etc can also cause adult acne on the forehead. Popping the zits can also cause bacteria to spread leading to even more acne flare-ups. Excoriated acne also occurs when a person has the habit of constantly touching the face to remove blackheads or scratch blemishes etc.
  4. Dandruff and greasy scalp- Dandruff is also a leading cause of forehead acne. It clogs the skin’s pores leading to zits and pimples.

Preventing and treating adult acne on forehead

The good news is, preventing forehead adult acne is a lot easier than preventing acne on other parts of the face. Let us see some easy steps you can use at home for clearing forehead acne:

  1. Discontinue use of all kinds of cosmetics and products.
  2. If you have dandruff, seek treatment for it. You could use Selenium sulfide or other anti-fungal shampoos to prevent and control flaking and itching of scalp.
  3. Cleanse tone and moisturize the entire face, paying greater attention to the forehead. Use dermatologist-approved products only. When selecting over-the-counter cleansers and moisturizers, opt for non-acnegenic, non-comedogenic products. Avoid alcohol based products.
  4. Do not use a harsh towel to dry the face- use soft and clean towel and only pat dry the skin.
  5. Avoid hair oils, harsh shampoos and conditioners etc on the hair.
  6. Get regular facials at a reputed dermatologist or spa. Facials can help clear away the sebum, debris and dirt that have accumulated on the skin. This will help the pores clear to prevent future breakouts. You can use homemade face masks and DIY facials containing diluted apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice) with some honey to regularly massage and treat the skin. They all have healing anti microbial properties and can reduce and prevent breakouts on the forehead.
  7. Never sleep with the makeup on. Always wash your face prior to bed time.
  8. If you are suffering from adult acne on forehead, use Salicylic acid or benzoly peroxide based products to treat it. Retinol based creams are also effective but do talk to your doctor if they are right for you.
  9. If you have scars on the forehead due to acne, you might want to consider chemical or mechanical peels to reduce them. Chemical peels help strip away the dead skin and reveal the healthier, blemish-free skin underneath.
  10. Stress is also a leading cause of acne. Try some light exercise, meditation etc to reduce stress and acne breakouts.
  11. Diet plays an important role in your skin’s health. Make sure you eat balanced meals and drink plenty of water. Foods like walnuts, green tea, fresh fruits and vegetables, fatty fish etc are good for the skin and can prevent acne.

If these remedies do not help, make sure to see a dermatologist for the same. Sometimes, genetic factors or hormones can also cause adult forehead acne which may be harder to treat and might require prescription medication.

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