How To Fade Acne Marks – 9 Best Remedies That Work Quickly

Acne tends to leave behind ugly scarring which could take, weeks or even months to fade away completely. And even then, it does not go away completely; you still have to deal with tiny spots and blemishes which seem to worsen with age. Today, we will discuss top home remedies for getting rid of acne scars quickly:

1. Regular exfoliation

Exfoliation is the best way to fade acne scars and acne redness in a week. You can use store-brought or dermatologist-approved exfoliating products for this purpose. Make sure the products you use are suitable for your skin type and do not harm your skin. You can also use baking soda 3 times a week to fade acne scars fast. Apply a paste of baking soda all over the face and gently scrub in the areas where you have acne. Wash off with cool water. Follow up with a gentle moisturizing skin cream afterward.

2. Best creams and ingredients to fade acne marks quickly

Today, there are many effective ingredients available for fading acne marks quickly. The best ones are:

  • Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid (you can also apply lemon or orange juice to the skin)
  • Hyroquinone (do not use if pregnant). This product lightens and bleaches red acne marks.
  • Retinol-which is a derivative of vitamin A- Retinol is a fantastic acne fading antioxidant. It also works on wrinkles. However, it can make your skin a little sensitive to the sun. So make sure you apply a sunscreen when stepping outside.
  • AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids. These acids peel the dead layers of the skin to reveal the younger, blemish free skin underneath.
  • Kojic acid-This is a product that has been used by Japanese Geishas to whiten their faces.
  • Lactic acid
  • Glycolic acid

You can buy these products from drugstores or consult a dermatologist who can recommend one for your particular skin type.

3. Wear a SPF every day

The sun’s UV rays can create even more blemishes on the skin. So you must apply sunscreen daily irrespective of whether it is rainy, cloudy or sunny or whether you are indoors or outdoors. Apart from that, you must cover your face and neck while stepping out or when enjoying a day at the beach. You can use a parasol or wear a hat with a wide rim. When selecting sunscreen, look for products containing Zinc Oxide, titanium dioxide or avobenzone. Reapply the sunscreen every 3-4 hours.

4. Papaya face mask

This is a wonderful, all-natural remedy to fade acne marks and scars overnight. Once a week, apply the pulp of a ripe papaya on the face. Let it remain on the face for 15-20 minutes and then rise off. Do not apply soap. The enzymes in papaya help exfoliate the skin, repair sun damage, brighten skin tone and also diminish scars left behind by old acne.

5. Pigmentation-fading DIY homemade face mask

The best way to fade acne marks is use all natural, gentle skin care ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. Here is a recipe: Mix together 1 tbsp brown sugar, juice from half a lemon and ¼ tsp honey. Apply this mixture on the face. You can also scrub the skin gently in circular motions. Wash off with tepid water after 5 minutes. Use this home remedy 2 times a week.

6. Lemon juice and witch hazel

A fantastic home remedy to bleach the skin: mix ½ tsp lemon juice with ½ tsp witch hazel. Using a cotton swab, apply the mixture to pigmented areas of the skin. You can even prepare a huge batch of this skin bleaching agent for everyday use. Discard leftover after 5 days.

7. Aloe Vera gel

Extract the gel from an Aloe Vera plant and apply it all over the acne scars. The compounds in Aloe Vera lighten existing scars and can also prevent new blemishes by fighting acne germs and sun damage.

8. Best products to fade acne scars

Here are the reviews of top acne scar fading products available at top online retailers:

  • Acne Scar Cream– Hundreds of happy customers have given this product a 5 star rating. It promotes epidermal repair to encourage cell renewal. It is suitable for all skin types. The best part is that apart from fading old acne scars quickly; it also prevents new acne breakouts.
  • Vitamin C serum by Claire-ity– This fantastic product contains vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. It is completely organic, so your skin is safe from harmful parabens, alcohol and other harsh ingredients. It can be safely used on all skin types and is also suited for mature skin.
  • Rocco Acne scar fading cream– This serum boosts collagen production to fade old acne red marks and scars. It contains Retinol as well as Vitamins C and B3. It is non oily, non sticky and paraben free.
  • Evanesce old scar remover-This is an amazing product from NaturalScienceLabs®. It is an effective product for fading surgery scars, pimple scars, stretch marks and cosmetic surgery scars as well.

9. Laser skin rejuvenation

If you have severe scars and acne marks then the best way to lighten them is to use LED, Intense Pulse Light or laser skin rejuvenation therapy. Seek help of a dermatologist or a cosmetician for these treatments. Most people need 4-5 sessions to see the results. Today, these procedures are not very painful and most have very little or zero down-time. Do ensure that you apply a sunscreen afterwards since laser treatments can make your skin very sensitive to sun’s rays.

Use these 9 remedies and treatment options to fade acne marks quickly.