Do Chemical Peels For Acne Give You Clear Skin?

“I have acne scars and need permanent solution for treating them. I have heard a lot about chemical peels -that they promise blemish-free and clear skin. So is it the best option for me and what are its possible side effects?”

Chemical peels for acne prone skin are known to give great results. Their only major drawback is that you have to go in for several sessions to see positive results depending upon the extent of your scarring. Additionally, when you get chemical peels for acne scars at a doctor’s office, the costs can run quite high. The good news is: many women have opted for home based chemical peels and seen very good, or at least, comparable results.

Chemical peels for acne scars at home

Many patients opting for home based chemical peels to clear acne scars have seen nearly 45% to 60% reduction in their scarring. Most professionals use stronger peels with 75% concentration of acids that work on deeper levels to exfoliate and remove scar tissue. Naturally, you will see better results when you seek professional chemical peels. If the cost of professional chemical peels for acne scars is too high for you, go in for 30% Glycolic acid peels that are readily available in stores.Make sure you know what you are getting into- there are different types of peels and some of them might contain ingredients you are allergic to. Do not hesitate to consult a professional prior to using chemical peels for acne scars at home. Additionally, there is an IMPORTANT thing you should know before using any kind of chemical peel treatment for acne scars:

You usually need to be acne-free to see great results.

This means that people who tend to get adult acne on a regular basis might not see great results or might even end up further irritating the skin.

Here are some important things you should know about chemical peels.

  1. There are several different types of chemical peels- Glycolic acid peel, Lactic acid peel, Mandelic acid peel, Salicylic acid peel to name a few.
  2. There also exist non-acidic peels like enzyme peels which are great for sensitive acne prone skin.
  3. Depending on the type of peel and its strength you use, you could see excellent results in not just acne scar removal but also in the form of wrinkle-free, younger looking skin by reduction of hyper-pigmentation caused due to sun damage.
  4. If you are using chemical peels for acne scars for the first time, always start with the lowest concentration of acid.
  5. You can use acidic or enzyme peels all over the face, except around the eyes.

Side effects of chemical peels

If you follow good pre and post peel skin care regimen at home, there is no reason why you should suffer from side effects. However, some of the common side effects of peels that may occur include:

  • Redness
  • Tightness of skin
  • Sloughing or peeling skin

It is very important to avoid going out into the sun following a peel. If needed, you must use sunscreen cream with 50+ SPF when stepping out. Peels make the skin very sensitive to sun damage and it is vital you use this precaution.

Chemical peels alone may not suffice

Many patients are known to have tried chemical peels expecting miraculous results in the form of acne free clear skin. The fact is: in some cases, you might need an integrated approach to combat acne scars. Chemical peels alone may not suffice and you would see better results through combination of peels used alongside laser skin resurfacing, Collagen induction or microneedling as well as a home-based cleansing-toning-moisturizing regimen.

Chemical peels for acne scars cost

If you choose to get chemical peels for acne scars at a professional’s the cost of lactic or glycolic acid peel could run anywhere from $75 to $100. These days, many day spas also offer chemical peels for acne scars and you could get some good discounts or coupons here to save money. TCA peels are often more effective but they are costlier and could set you back by nearly $300.

Most dermatologists and cosmeticians offer chemical peels in the form of a package, with each package consisting of 3-4 chemical peel sessions. These may be a better idea for patients having very deep acne scarring.However; it is still a better option to go in for one session to see how your skin reacts to it. If there are no adverse effects, then you could go for the remaining sessions.

As can be seen, majority of people who have tried chemical peels for acne prone skin or acne scarring are quite satisfied with the results. That being said; it is best to go in for professional chemical peels rather than buying a kit for home use. The professional dermatologist or cosmetician/aesthetician you select must be an experienced and highly reputed one. It is best to do your homework before trusting your skin to someone. Do read all about the side effects and warnings about chemical peels for acne scars so that you are aware of them to make an informed choice.

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