Borba PMS Skin Rescue Reviews

PMS is often a taboo topic- no one talks about it and there are jokes about it as well. It is no laughing matter though and millions of women suffer silently from it month after month. PMS not only causes mood changes, irritability and anger etc., it can also lead to skin issues. The symptoms of PMS often show up on the face in the form of pimples, blotchy skin, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, cystic acne etc. Women usually ignore such ‘PMS skin’; some use makeup to cover these issues. However, cosmetics only worsen the problem. Many makeup products are comedogenic and clog up the pores further. Thankfully, there is a product that women can use to get rid of “PMS skin”. Today we will be talking about Borba PMS skin rescue 7-day treatment system reviews. This product claims to help women overcome PMS skin blotchiness and skin fatigue. If you tend to suffer with skin problems in the week leading up to your periods, do check out this product on Amazon.

What is Borba skin care all about?

Borba skincare products are readily available at leading drug stores. The founder of this skincare line is Scott-Vincent Borba-leading celebrity skincare guru. He wanted his skincare secrets to be available to all women. His anti-aging skincare products are affordable and many women claim that they work as intended.

What is Borba PMS rescue?

Borba 7 day PMS rescue system includes a powerful 7 day treatment for morning and evening. The morning products contain SPF 40+ thanks to titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. They help prevent sunburn and blotchiness. The night cream rejuvenates, re-texturizes, retightens and re-nourishes the face from damage done during the day. One must apply the AM and PM products for 7 consecutive days and nights. Within a week, the product claims to restore the texture of your skin and give it a healthy, natural glow.

What does the product contain?

The AM product, as stated before, contain natural sunscreens. Apart from these, it also contains extracts of berries like bilberry and strawberries as well as hyaluronic acid. The PM product contains salicylic acid along with tons of vitamins. Additionally, ingredients like soy, coffee seed extracts, wolfberry, muru muru, camu camu etc are also present.

Borba PMS rescue crystals

Borba also makes Rescue beverage crystals that women may take in the week leading up to their menstrual cycle. It contains tons of vitamins but many users have complained about its taste. Some even felt that the product made them nauseated. However, the company claims that taking Borba rescue crystals can give you a crystal clear complexion. Other users loved the taste of the product.

Reviews Borba PMS rescue


  • Borba PMS rescue contains super fruits. These help defend the skin cells against free radical damage.
  • The internal rescue remedy replenishes vitamins and other nutrients that we lose on a daily basis. Many of these nutrients also play an important role in preventing hormonal imbalance that causes PMS.
  • The day cream has SPF 40+ which prevents sun damage in the form of wrinkles, age spots, blemishes and blotchiness.
  • The night cream penetrates the skin deeply to restore collagen and elastin layers.
  • All products are moderately priced.
  • It is one of a kind skin care line dedicated to women suffering from PMS. Other brands catering to this segment are Clearasil Ultra Rapid action seal to clear gel and Murad acne and wrinkle reducer.


  • Some reviewers did not like the taste of the PMS rescue crystal beverage.
  • At the time of writing this review, Borba pms skin rescue 7-day treatment system had not received any reviews on top retailers like Amazon.

Have you tried Borba PMS Skin Rescue? How were the results? Let us know in comments below!

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