Best Acne Treatment For Oily Skin

Acne or pimples are uncomfortable at best and messy, scarring and painful at worst. If you have an oily skin type, your susceptibility to acne is ten times greater. Acne treatments are neither easy nor permanent. Some treatments can also cause lightening of skin giving the impression of scars, which may mar your look. Acne is a very common problem in the USA though plenty of home remedies are available especially for oily skin type. However, not every remedy constitutes the best acne treatment for oily skin. So let us discuss ones that actually work:

Cleanse your skin

There are plenty of cleansers available in the market, which contain medicinal products to prevent acne and outbreaks. Some of them just dry your skin while making tall claims as being the best acne treatment for oily skin. The common misconception is that if you have oily skin, you must at all costs keep your skin dry so as to prevent acne. However, that is not true. The more cleansers you use to dry your skin, the more it tries to compensate by producing additional sebum. The excess sebum along with the dry, dead skin cells causes the acne. It is good to keep your skin clean and dry but only to an extent. Excess cleansing and scrubbing not only irritates the skin; it also leads to pimple outbreaks. A good rule of thumb is to cleanse as often as your eat, say 2-3 times. Anymore than that and you will end up drying the skin which will end up over compensating.

Protect from UV radiation

Always use SPF before going out, even on a cloudy day. Use water based SPF as against oil based ones and choose products specifically meant for oily skin. Best acne treatment for oily skin or any type of kin for that matter starts with choosing the right products to protect your skin.


Yes! Moisturize. However careful you might be with cleansers, you will end up drying your skin around the acne. Moisturize using water based moisturizers around the zits. Ensure you don’t touch them in the process. One of the classic oily skin acne home remedies is sandalwood paste. You can buy a chunk of sandalwood online or at any of the Eastern stores. Sandalwood cools your skin, does not draw out the moisture, and keeps the affected area dry.

Do not prick or touch your acne

A lone bump on the skin is certainly irritating. Touching or pricking it will only make it worse. Even the very best acne treatment for oily skin will be stumped if you prick your or touch the zits too often. The infection spreads faster than the reaction time of most acne treatment products and pretty much all of the oily skin acne home remedies.

Blot excess oil

Buy inexpensive tissues or paper towels and keep them in your purse or wallet. Blot off excess oil carefully when you feel the need. Cleansing or rinsing will unnecessarily dry the surrounding skin. It is best to carefully blot off the oil instead. This is one of the simplest and most inexpensive oily skin acne home remedies.

Avoid tanning beds and booths

Ultraviolet radiation has adverse affects on sensitive skin. If your skin is oily and you are acne prone, tanning chemicals and ultraviolet radiation will lead to disastrous results. Avoid tanning at all costs to avoid pimples, painful blisters and acne outbreaks. No amount of effort spent in preparing your skin with oily skin acne home remedies will help you avoid the discomfort and pain caused by acne caused due to ultraviolet radiation. Besides, no matter how reputed the salon, tanning beds and booths are bound to be unhygienic and could aggravate an infection if frequented.

Use gentle products and lukewarm water

When selecting products for your skin, select the most gentle and water based products available out there. Do not go for oil based products and those laced with chemicals. If you need to treat your skin for existing zits and pimples, consult a good dermatologist and get a prescription. Over the counter medication can guarantee results in most cases but a dermatologist takes your family history, your body constitution and skin type before prescribing a suitable product.

When cleansing, use lukewarm water. Hot water could dry your skin faster and also wash away acne medication hampering the best of the best acne treatment for oily skin from showing any results. Pat your skin dry instead of using a washcloth and do not scrub your skin down.

Keep your scalp clean

Wash your hair and scalp regularly if you have oily hair or if you have dandruff. Follow the same rule of not drying up your scalp too much. Excess dryness will trigger excess dandruff and dried dandruff on skin will cause excess acne.

Avoid astringent toners

Astringent irritates skin causing skin cells to react and produce excess sebum. It causes more pimples and is rather counter productive.

Use masks with care

Some acne home remedies suggest mud masks and herbal or turmeric face packs. While masks draw out excess oil from the skin and help avoid acnes and pimples, there is always the possibility of over drying. Use masks less frequently and pay attention to the ingredients to avoid masks that might have contents that could irritate the skin.

Change your facial regimen to adapt

Depending on the season and the area you are in (viz., humid, dry, hot, temperate, cold) at the given time; change your facial regimen to suit the changes. If you temporarily move to a dry area, ensure you don’t use products that will dry your skin more. Similarly, if you move to humid surroundings, ensure you keep your skin nice and dry – not too dry though.

However much care you take and however dependable your skin care regimen is, if you have oily skin, you are bound to have acne at some point. Try not to pick at them or touch your face or skin that could transfer germs and bacteria to other unaffected areas. Most acne breakouts occur due to this. We hope the best acne treatment for oily skin helps you out!

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