Best Acne Treatment for Dry Skin

best acne treatment for dry skinAcne problem is not confined to people with oily skin. You would be surprised to know how often acne breakouts occur in people with dry skin and how common the skin problem actually is. Dry skin acne requires additional care for the simple reason that most acne treatments focus on drying the skin up and ‘starving’ the acne. There is also the misconception that skin must be kept clean and washed at all times to prevent acne and avoid breakouts. Many commercial acne facials are developed specifically for oily skin. These end up drying the skin further. Alcohol based cleansers tend to cause flaking and peeling irritating the skin further.

Let us discuss some preventive tips and best acne treatment for dry skin.

Best acne treatment for dry skin

1.Use a good acne prevention product meant for dry skin

The best acne treatment for dry skin includes using a specialized product. Always follow the instructions on the product. Using more of the product will not accelerate healing. It might even harm your skin. Also, using less than recommended product will not lead to desired results. So do have patience and allow the product to work. Olive oil is a good product that works wonders for acne on dry skin. It is indeed one of the best acne treatment for dry skin.

2.Keep your skin moist and healthy

Oily skin is acne prone but drying up your dry skin further won’t help. It will only cause additional discomfort. So keep your skin moist and healthy by using Aloe Vera gel. Honey is also a good natural moisturizer that can keep the acne germs away. You can also apply organic, cold pressed coconut oil all over your face avoiding the area that already has acne. This remedy will help moisturize dry skin. Rose water facial mists and non-alcoholic toners with witch hazel can also help you keep your skin moist and pH balanced without triggering an acne outburst.

3.Use cleansers specific for dry skin

As stated before, cleansers generally dry out the skin. So do look for cleansers that are non foam producing and specifically meant for dry skin type. Also try to buy cleansers that are non medicated or alcohol based. This will ensure they don’t counteract with any other treatment you are using on your skin. If you are already on some medication or using a medicated topical treatment, a medicated cleanser will add to the load and might harm your already delicate skin. It is best to talk to a dermatologist if the dry skin acne is severe.

4.Protect your skin from the sun, cold and wind

Wear hats and scarves outdoors. Use water based sunscreen with at least SPF 14 to protect again UV radiation. Cleanse away the particles of dust after coming back home. If you live in cold areas, use a non-comedogenic moisturizer when stepping outside.

5.Use natural, easily available ingredients

And finally, the best acne treatment for dry skin can be found right in your kitchen. Natural ingredients like tomatoes, potatoes, garlic and cucumber are ideal for healing pimples on dry skin. Apply potato pulp on your skin and watch it transform in a matter of days. Also, Tomato juice brings out your natural glow while effectively fighting acne-however, this remedy might sting a bit if you have blisters or inflamed pimples. Garlic is another widely known acne remedy having antifungal and antibacterial properties. Apply a paste of garlic and wash off after an hour. If you don’t like the smell of garlic, use cucumber pulp instead. Milk and honey also work together as the best acne treatment for dry skin. Use a half and half mixture of milk and honey all over your face especially where you have acne. Get a ball of cotton. Lightly dip the ball of cotton in the mixture and gently dab it all over your face and leave on for a few minutes. Wash away gently. Do not use a cleanser at this point or it would wash away all the goodness your skin absorbed from the honey and milk. The milk moisturizes dry skin and honey heals the pimples while also eliminating the bacteria causing the acne.

All or one of these remedies will keep your skin moist, radiant and most importantly acne free.

Dry skin acne is more common than you’d like to think. Several products are available to cure dry skin acne and prevent future outbreaks. Inexpensive home remedies described above are the best acne treatment for dry skin. But if these do not show the desired results, then do search for right products available on this link.

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