Avoid These Mistakes That Cause Acne

avoid these mistakes that cause adult acnePimples or acne are not confined to teenage years. Some people who haven’t had a single pimple in their teens sometimes develop severe acne in their adult years. Most of the time, acne is a result of unwitting mistakes committed by us. By preventing some of these common errors,you can avoid acne and zits from appearing suddenly or aggravating further. Presenting top tips to help you avoid mistakes that cause acne.

Informed use of makeup and hair products

Of the multitude of makeup and hair products available out there, most products are oil based. Clogging of the skin pores by sweat, naturally generated oil called Sebum, and the P.acnes bacteria lead to acne. While choosing makeup, look for water based products and ingredients that limit the production of oil on the skin. Use the same caution while choosing hair products like shampoos and conditioners. Also, in case of hair products, it is better to apply them to the hair gently with fingers making sure you don’t touch your forehead. If you have to spray the product, make sure you don’t accidentally spray it on your forehead and face. If you have styled your hair in a way that leaves it with fringes or front locks, make sure you keep it away from the forehead when at home or while sleeping.

Always opt for non – comedogenic makeup and hair products. Non – comedogenic means that the ingredients contained in it do not cause clogging of pores or encourage excess oil production in the skin. If the label does not mention the term non – comedogenic, look for ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and sulfur. These ingredients kill bacteria and discourage excess sebum production on the skin.

Use the correct sunscreen

While sunscreen is important to protect the skin from cancer, oil based sunscreen lotions can also clog pores just like oil – based makeup. So, it is a good idea to go for water – based sunscreen having at least SPF 15 to prevent skin damage due to ultra violet rays, heat and pollution.

Have patience with treatment products

When you use a new product to get rid of acne, give it some time, at least four weeks. The typical time taken for any acne treatment product to work and produce results is 6 weeks. If, after using it regularly for 4 weeks, you find no improvement whatsoever, you could switch. Switching products as frequently as a week or ten days will only aggravate acne. Some products are is a time – tested brands of acne treatment. You can also talk to a dermatologist to suggest a skin care regime that is right for you.

Avoid excess cleansing and harsh products

Even as cleansing skin keeps acne at bay, excess cleansing and scrubbing causes breakouts of whiteheads and blackheads which increases the incidence of acne. Use mild and water based cleansers to avoid excess drying up of skin, especially during the winter.

Use cleansing wipes and pads instead of washing your face and neck often. Excess washing with water strips skin of essential moisture just like harsh chemicals.

Maintain general hygiene

Make sure your surroundings are clean and hygienic to avoid breakouts and infection. Some important tips with respect to avoiding acne are: using clean combs and make up brushes, wiping down goggles, and only touching the face with clean hands (though it is best not to touch the face at all). This is often the hardest thing to do and many people try popping their acne. Frequently touching the face transfers oils, dirt and germs from the hands on to the face. This could also lead to acne. Touching acne also causes it to burst and spread the infectious bacteria around which leads to more clogging and infection. For this reason, never pop acne, ever. Infected acne are harder to treat, cause discoloration or darkening of skin, and require longer periods of treatment, which includes topical application of creams and ingestion of antibiotics.

Avoid Stress

Lack of sufficient sleep and other factors that lead to stress causes and aggravates existing acne. Increased stress level in body and mind releases a hormone called cortisol, which aggravates sebum production and also leads to whitehead breakouts. Try getting in some exercise and breathing practice every day to avoid stress. Exercise and controlled breathing has benefits that go beyond acne prevention.

Several other factors like hard water, melanin, humidity in air, and genetics influence incidence and aggravation of acne. Although it is sometimes impossible to avoid it altogether, you can have complete control over its aggravation and infection by choosing the right cleansers, makeup and sunscreen wisely as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle with good diet and adequate exercise.

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