Acne Myths and Facts That Will Surprise You

Acne Myths and Facts That Will Surprise YouAn important part of acne management is patient education. Here we shall present a few acne myths, along with some actual acne facts in order to help people manage their skin care better and also get the desired response to treatment.

Acne Myth 1: Use a lot of acne cream for acne prevention

One of the greatest acne myths is that using large amounts of topical medication can help one clear up their acne faster. The fact is that: using too much medication purchased over-the-counter (or based on acne commercials) will not help you get rid of acne faster. One of the little known acne facts is that some of these medicines can actually worsen this skin condition and also give rise to undesirable side effects.

Acne Myth 2: Chocolate and junk food aggravates acne

The second greatest acne myths are related to chocolate and fast food consumption. Many adolescents are led into thinking that eating chocolate and junk or fried food can lead to acne outbreaks. However, the fact is that no controlled trials or scientific evidence has substantiated these theories for a fact.

Acne Myth 3: All acne creams are antibiotic based

Another little known acne facts is that not all acne medications contain antibiotics. There are several topical acne treatments that are devoid of antibiotics and one must use the right products as suggested by a dermatologist.

Acne Myth 4: Cleaning and scrubbing hard will make the acne go away

The next acne myths we will discuss here is related to personal hygiene. Teenagers are often told that frequent washing or scrubbing of their face is the only known method of acne prevention. The acne facts however trash this theory since several harsh face washes and soaps can actually worsen facial acne and so can scrubbing of the delicate facial skin.

Acne Myth 5: Only facial make up products cause acne

Cosmetics and hair care products bring us to our next acne facts. People often believe acne to be related to only cosmetics and make up products. However, oil based hair care products are equal culprits in causing facial and forehead acne.

Acne Myth 6: Smoking does not have any impact on acne

Another of the little known acne facts is that cigarette smoking does have an impact on acne. Numerous studies have now established that smoking can actually worsen acne and its severity.

Acne Myth 7: Tanning helps clear the skin off breakouts

This is one of the most common acne myths. Tanning might help make your skin look clearer, but the effect is temporary and the sun as well as tanning salons can both negatively impact your acne. Both can also cause premature aging in the form of wrinkles, additionally; the skin gets drier and more irritated leading to future breakouts.

Acne Myth 8: Acne happens only to the teens

This is perhaps the biggest acne myths. However, nearly 50% of adult women are known to suffer from acne at some point in their adulthood.

Acne Myth 9: Popping acne can help clear it up

The little known acne facts (especially among the younger patients) are that popping zits and acne can spread the infection to nearby skin and make matters worse.

Acne Myth 10: Acne goes away on its own

This is one of the greatest acne myths that have been refuted by dermatologists the world over. On the contrary; it is best to treat acne in its early stages with the right products since doing so can help prevent future breakouts and also prevent scarring.

These are a few acne myths and facts that can help educate patients so that they can manage their condition and respond better to the acne treatment.

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