6 Acne Erasing Secrets Your Doctor Won’t Talk About

If you have been battling acne all your life, then you also probably know how doctors always prescribe antibiotics for treating it ‘quickly’. However, there are many holistic ways of clearing up adult acne. Not only are these ‘acne erasing secrets’ completely natural- they also provide long term results. With antibiotics and other chemical based acne medication, one ends up getting only short term relief. So let us find out what the tried and tested acne erasing secrets are as prescribed by experts:

  1. Drink more water

Why do more teenagers suffer from acne today than ever? They all have one thing in common: they do not drink enough water. Even many adults pile up on sodas, tea, coffee and other sugary beverages instead of water to quench their thirst. All these drinks are known to cause changes in the hormones leading to acne among other health issues. Thus, the biggest acne erasing secrets is to drink at least 3 liters of water daily (or 50% of the bodyweight in ounces). You can also supplement this liquid intake with 2-3 cups of green tea daily. You can start your morning by drinking a full 8-ounce glass of warm water to which some Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice has been added.

  1. Make the body more alkaline

Balancing your pH levels is an important part of acne erasing secrets using holistic methods. The sad thing is: the all-American diet is simply too rich in red meat and other artificial ingredients that make the body extremely acidic. Acidity is one of the main culprits which lead to skin eruptions and several other health issues. Therefore: balancing the body’s ph using an alkaline diet is an essential part of the holistic acne erasing treatment. Top examples of alkaline foods include: beets, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, kale, spinach, apples, carrots, bananas, cantaloupes etc.

  1. Go in for regular cleanses and detox

No matter how healthy your diet is, it is also time to cleanse the system from time to time to remove environmental toxins that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. There are many types of detox and cleansing diets. You can go in for a 3–day juice detox, or a 1 day complete fast. The idea is to not eat al our regular food stuff consisting of heavy whole grains, carbs, sugars, oils etc. All these clog our system and do not get thrown out as required. The 7 day detox starts with drinking tons of water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices. You can also drink lemonade with or without sugar, fresh juices to which a little apple cider vinegar has been added and also plenty of green tea. If you feel weak or dizzy during the cleanse-diet, you may eat some seeds or nuts. Avoid solid foods, other than organic apples and carrots. Perform this cleanse for at least 3-5 days to rid the body of toxins.

  1. Eat more fermented foods

American diet is seriously lacking in fermented foods. This, in turn, is increasing the P.Acnes bacterium that causes acne flare-ups. Fermented foods are good for us in so many ways: not only are they nature’s best kept acne erasing secrets, they are also budget friendly, can be made at home and most importantly, they help our body absorb other healthy nutrients we eat. Fermented foods include sauerkraut, Miso soups, kefir, probiotic yogurt with live cultures etc.It is best to make kefir, khombucha etc at home.

  1. Eat organic foods

Our food industry is always looking to preserve food and make it last longer. Bigger, more, and better are the only words they seem to have in their dictionary. The result: they use tons of preservatives and chemicals to make food last longer. Additionally, they also add fertilizers and chemicals to cows diet to make them produce more milk and meat. All these toxins enter our bloodstream resulting in acne. So, i is very essential to opt for organic foods in milk, fruits and vegetables etc. You must also go in for more homemade recipes instead of preservative based frozen items.

  1. Finally, remain positive

The more you look into the mirror, the more you will stress about your acne. Therefore, avoid all actions that will direct your attention to your skin and focus on the positives in your life instead. Sleep well and heal your body through positive practices like meditation, daily exercise and Yoga etc.

We are sure that these six acne erasing secrets will dramatically clear up your skin. Note that the results will not be instantaneous and you must follow these healthy diet and lifestyle practices everyday for the rest of your life. Only that will ensure keeping your skin clear and gorgeous for life!

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